Ways for a Real Estate Business to Get More Leads

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The real estate market is a very challenging industry to work on. Exeter based estate agents Southgate Estates recently said that real estate, unlike other businesses, have the opportunity of gaining repeat customers to fuel a growing patron base are great, the real estate market rarely offers such an advantage. Once a client has purchased a property, it is rare to expect him to buy another, except if he is one of the more affluent types. That is why it is important for those in the real estate business to keep generating leads to help them in their bottom line. Here are some ways you can try:

Use LinkedIn crawling
The target clients of the real estate market are professionals, those who have made a name for themselves or those who are still in the process of doing so. While almost every soul on the planet has a Facebook account, professionals always go for a LinkedIn account because of its more professional nature. You should have your own LinkedIn account primarily because it is the most sensible social media platform you can use as a professional realtor.

Now, LinkedIn crawling is the automated process of visiting the profiles of targeted customers within a given time frame. For instance, if you’ve set it to visit 500 profiles in one day, then the platform will be introducing your LinkedIn profile to these 500 LinkedIn accounts. The good news is that 2 to 4 percent of these professionals will try to reach out and connect with you. They know you’re a realtor and this is always a good sign. Two percent of 500 is 10, which is low, sure. But these are folks who are interested in your services as a realtor. Otherwise, they won’t contact you.

Go after FSBO Listings
Did you know that 9 out of 10 sellers are not able to sell their property primarily because of their lack of experience, poor marketing, poor understanding of the appropriate market price, and even limited resources? Now is your chance to offer your services to them.

Look up for sale by owner (FSBO) listings on online advertising platforms such as Craigslist. Get in touch with the owners of these listings and offer a free consultation about your services. Selling a home in the market can be very stressful. This is especially true if one doesn’t have a clear understanding of real estate dynamics. You can help these owners sell their property.

Use Facebook in searching for leads
Whereas professionals go to LinkedIn for their more serious, more professional interactions, other folks use Facebook for more open, more candid interactions. Facebook has done a lot of tweaking in its search functionality. You can set the different parameters that you want the engine to return searches. You can even look up keywords as well as locations right in the Facebook search box. This should help you zero-in on those who are house hunting, packing, or moving.

Generating leads is an ongoing activity for all businesses, including real estate. You should at least try the things above to help you in your goals.